Start Smart for Your Baby®



Start Smart for Your Baby® 

Welcome to the Start Smart for Your Baby program. We created this program to provide advice and resources for pregnant members and new parents.





Whether this is your first child or you already have children, extra support is always helpful. Here you’ll find tips and resources to help you, your new baby, and your family get off to a great start.

To participate in this program, contact us at the number on the back of your ID card. Or log in to your member account to complete a Notification of Pregnancy.




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Benefits section contains member benefits information.

Tips for Pregnancy

Learn how you can help friends or family who have had a baby — supporting the parents, caring for the baby, helping with other children in the family, and more.





Resource Center

Find the support you need for things like breastfeeding, birth control, mental health support, your baby’s development, and going back to work. Plus, download helpful e-books.